Tuesday, December 14, 2004

More on Mike Jones from the Baltimore Sun 12/13

…….Jones, a former McDonald’s All-American, played less than a minute against George Washington the previous Sunday. Speculation that he is unhappy and could possibly transfer has been prevalent on Terps chat rooms in the past couple of weeks, but Jones disputed it.

“It’s not really frustrating,” he said. “I just have to understand that at critical situations, Coach does what he has to do. His job [is] to do what he has to do to win games. … I don’t pay attention to outside sources. I just listen to what Coach tells me, the team and my family. There is no other option for me. I am with the team.”

Chat Rooms? There are no real Terp chat rooms. I’ve been to the Terrible Terrapin Times site, and I know that no one is talking there. Where could they be getting this from? Is it possible that the Baltimore Sun has started reading Herman Veal Chops?!? I believe I mentioned this possibility at the beginning of the season in my backcourt preview.

I guess it wouldn’t be the first time that a blogger has created a story out of thin air. Please no emails about how there is no chance they read that on the Chops. I know that. Let me have my fantasy.

PLAY THE DAMN KID!!!! NCM needs to get his head out of his ass... a "top-flight" ACC player should not be airballing a wide-open 3-pointer from the top of the key with the game on the line. Gary got lucky because he should have pulled NCM a lot earlier for Jones... Jones saved the Terps ass.. PLAY THE KID!!!!
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